• The « Txistulari » is the most famous Bask musician, usually depicted with a hand on a 3-hole flute (Txistu) and the other hand holding a stick setting the pace on a tambourine (Ttun ttun).
  • The Txistu, leading most of our dances may be sometimes replaced by a « Xirula ».
  • The “gaitero” plays “gaita” (wind instrument from Arava, Spanish province of Navarre)
  • The “Atabal” (kind of drum) sets the pace with the Ttun ttun.
  • The “Pandero” (another tambourine) is also a significant element in covering music.
  • The “Triki-titxa”, diatonic accordion, accompanies urban dances. This instrument is taught in the association.
  • The accordion may also be used along with the Txistu.